Casey Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel are the kind of guys that seem like they would be buddies, but apparently that isn't the case. To rectify the situation, Kimmel decided to ask The Finest Hours actor some ice breaker questions so they could become fast friends.

Most of the questions were a little odd like, "Did you ever shoplift?" (a question Affleck successfully dodged), but when Kimmel asked him if he was ever mistaken for another celeb, Affleck said, "Morgan Freeman?" Kimmel remembered that Affleck had worked with the great actor on Gone Baby Gone and asked him if that was very intimidating. "It's not intimidating because he kind of puts you at ease. He's the only actor that ever yelled at me. I should have been yelled at by plenty, but I was only yelled at by him," he said.

Affleck explained that he had been working on the film for a while and then they brought Freeman in for his one week of shooting. The Assistant Director brought Freeman to the set early in case he needed a haircut or some prep time, a very common thing to do. However, Freeman was annoyed because he was there before everyone else, so the AD told him they were actually waiting on Affleck.

"He threw me under the bus!" said Affleck. When he got to set, he was told Freeman wanted to speak with him. "So I went to his room and he shouted at me about being a professional. It was a little bit like being in one of his movies because he was dressing me down. I didn't want to throw the other guy under the bus so I said, 'I'm very sorry sir. I promise you I'll be more professional.'"

Funnily enough, a few years later Affleck was asked to come speak about Freeman at a lifetime achievement ceremony. "So I stood up and said, 'Morgan I like you a lot but this was our most memorable interaction. You yelled at me for no reason.'" But he said Freeman had a good laugh, so it all worked out. And Affleck got a great story out of it!

The Finest Hours hits theaters on Jan. 29. Watch Affleck and Kimmel try to become friends in the video above.