Carson Kressley is known for his discerning eye for style and keen knowledge of fashion. So, naturally, he's the perfect expert to turn to when it comes to building a solid wardrobe. The host of Treadmill Talk, Jenny Hut, turned to the professional to find out what's the most important item every woman should own, and the answer just might surprise you.

Kressley explained that there's nothing more flattering than a great pair of jeans, but it all starts with what's underneath the clothes: undergarments. "That really lays the foundation for everything else," he says before going on to say that great underwear isn't only about how your clothes look physically, but it also shapes your attitude. Kressley added, "If you're wearing something beautiful and sexy, and you feel that way, it's going translate throughout the day."

Watch the full video above to learn more about the basics of style.