In case you’re a little behind in your Insta-stalking, Carrie Dragshaw is everything that’s been missing from your feed.

Dan Clay’s popular account is exactly what it sounds like: an homage to Sex and the City’s sassy style icon, Carrie Bradshaw (in drag).

Carrie Dragshaw
Credit: dan_clay/Instagram

Clay (sorry, Dragshaw) copies Miss Bradshaw’s most iconic looks and posts side-by-side photos of both the HBO character and her drag queen counterpart—each comes with its own insightful Carrie-esque caption, of course.

It all began with a viral Halloween costume:

But soon, Dragshaw took on a life of her own…

“All the comments were so so kind, and I still had all these pictures left from our little West Village photo shoot, so I decided to keep it going for a bit,” Clay told HuffPost of his decision to extend Dragshaw's legacy. “I posted a few more pics, even trying to capture Carrie’s classic narration style. I always thought it would just sort of fade away―[but] it never did!”

“I love the idea that the pictures could brighten someone’s day,” Clay continued, “Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, and just this tiny opportunity to make someone smile—that’s reason enough to prance around the Plaza in imitation Dior. I especially love the idea that the captions could connect with people. There were moments in Sex and the City that were really empowering—preaching independence, self-confidence, friendship, and fabulosity. I really appreciate the opportunity, even on a small scale, to provide that kind of uplift and perspective.”

Amen, Clay.