By Joshua Lyon
Jul 23, 2015 @ 8:45 am

One of the biggest highlights of this year’s Comic-Con was the debut of the trailer for Suicide Squad, starring a who’s-who of young Hollywood playing famous villains, including Cara Delevingne as Enchantress.

“It’s like an actress’s dream,” she told Seth Meyers on Late Night Wednesday. “I’m actually playing two different parts, opposites. You know, a mousy kind of scientist and a crazy feral witch. Both sides of my personality, which is nice.”

Delevingne was thrilled to attend Comic-Con and promote the film, but unfortunately wasn’t able to stay for much longer than the film’s panel. “We wanted to roam around in disguise,” she said. “I’ve been dying to go … as like a Smurf. I’d be something weird. They’d be like ‘Why is there a Smurf here?’”

The Paper Towns star's modeling career gave her plenty of experience for the stunts she had to perform in Suicide Squad. Meyers displayed a photo of her posing with a bear and asked her what the experience was like. "I wanted to be a stunt woman," she said. "When I was [on set with the bear] I was like, ‘This is great, I’ll get closer! People get scared of what I’m going to do. I’m the dangerous one!”

“I like the idea that somebody was going up to you and explaining the rules of the bear,” Meyers said. “And someone was going up to the bear and explaining the rules of you.” Click the video above to find out what happened when she posed with a tarantula on her face!