Another day, another viral video that leaves us misty-eyed at our desks. We haven't found a Dove campaign to date that hasn't caused us to pick up the Kleenex and thank the beauty gods for waterproof mascara, and their latest video proves to make just as big of an impact as those before it, while being oh-so-relateable for us curly girls in particular.

In putting together their Love Your Curls ad campaign, the brand polled girls with naturally curly hair and found that only four out of a group of 10 considered their strands to be beautiful. We couldn't help but tear up as the adorable girls in the above video spoke about how they wished their hair was straight, but we heard the message loud and clear---in order for curly girls to embrace their natural texture, we have to show them we love our ringlets, too. That's why Dove is encouraging women to wear their curls in their full, voluminous glory in hopes to empower the younger generation to do the same.

You can also share your personal curl story on social media by using the hashtag #LoveYourCurls, and submitting your personal story at for potential in an upcoming special-edition book from the brand. We won't spoil the ending of the campaign, but we will suggest that you keep a tissue nearby just in case your emotions get the better of you. Click play on the video above to see the ad in full, and head over to to share your Curl Love Story now!