Calista Flockhart's husband Harrison Ford probably deserves a little down time, between breaking a leg on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens set last year and surviving a plane crash in March. But because the promotional rounds for the upcoming movie makes him travel to distances far, far away from his wife, he's taking on a new challenge: "He's learning how to text!" Flockhart revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday.

The Supergirl actress mimed how Mr. Han Solo himself slowly and deliberately uses one thumb after another to type out a message. "But he does it!" she said. "And he's getting better!"

And what about emojis? "He doesn't know," Flockhart said. "He's like, 'Where'd you get that picture from?'" While it may take a while for them to exchange lengthy conversations, it's heartwarming to know that Ford is working hard to improve his texting technique to stay connected with his wife.

Watch Flockhart share the funny story in the video at top.