By Samantha Simon
Sep 25, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

Busy Philipps is ready for sweater weather. The Cougar Town actress has teamed up with Loft for the brand's fall video campaign, and she's not only starring in the shorts, but she directed them, too. Of course, with the hilarious actress at the helm, that means you can expect a ton of laughs from the comedy videos, the first of which just debuted online. But while Philipps may seem like the perfect fit to star in the brand's campaign, she admits that she wasn't so sure about teaming up with a label that's best known for offering work-friendly apparel.

"I initially thought, 'Wait—I don't work in an office,'" Philipps told InStyle. "That's the impression of Loft that I had. But I checked out the store with my daughter, Birdie, and I was pleasantly surprised by all the wearable and cute pieces that seemed like a natural fit for my daily life as a working mom." Philipps's 7-year-old daughter played a bigger role in the campaign than just tagging along for a shopping trip. In the "First Day" video (above), she stars alongside her mom—and the duo had a great time filming the scene in which Birdie helps Philipps choose an outfit to wear for her first day at a new job.

"It was so fun," said Philipps. "I love hanging out with her." And Birdie made friends quickly on the set. "I was focusing on something else at one point in the shoot, and when I looked over, she was just chatting up the Loft people," said Philipps. While Birdie plays her mom's stylist in the video, she's less involved in Philipps' wardrobe-related decisions in real life—although she still has an opinion. "She tells me if she thinks something looks good or bad," said Philipps. "There have been times when I'm going to an event and she says, 'That one’s not my favorite, mom.' I appreciate that, but then I’m also like, 'You’re seven—you would probably think an ice skater costume would be the perfect thing for any event.'"

Although Philipps may not take all of her daughter's advice to heart, she was amused by the idea of her taking charge in the closet. "I thought it would be funny to flip the roles and have Birdie be the one to calm my first day jitters," she said. "I definitely drew inspiration from my real life for that—I love the little rituals involved with getting ready for the first day of school, like laying out the clothes and labeling the lunchbox."

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Philipps can also relate to the video's scene in which she shows up to work wearing the same outfit as someone else. "I epically lost one of those 'Who Wore It Better?' things to Angelina Jolie when we were both pregnant," said Philipps. "I mean, how do you compete with that?" But Philipps took the loss in stride. "I actually cut it out and saved it in Birdie’s baby book, because it made me laugh so hard," she said.

Fashion competitions aside, Philipps is ready for the cooler days ahead. "Fall is my favorite season, but I've found that September always feels like the hottest month, even though it's the start of fall in everyone's minds," she said. "Big, cozy sweaters and wooly scarves unfortunately don't mix with how hot the temperature actually is—especially in L.A.!" Still, she gets why so many people switch out their wardrobes the day that summer technically ends. "I think you reach a point where the heat becomes oppressive, and you just want to wear cozy sweaters and not have to suck your stomach in all the time," she said. "Or maybe that’s just me."

Philipps's advice as to when you should break out the boots? "Just wait it out until the temperature drops," she said. "Because there is nothing worse than sweating through your cute tweed skirt and sweater set."