If anyone can explain what the word “girlboss” actually means it’s Britt Robertson. Ever since the 27-year-old actress took on the role of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso in Netflix’s buzzy comedy, Girlboss, she’s been living her life, well, like a boss.

“Being a girlboss means taking ownership of your life and not being so swayed by other people’s opinions and what they want from you,” she told InStyle when she stopped by our N.Y.C. offices last week. “Basically find what you love and pursue it. Do the things that make you happy.”

For Robertson, that means taking on characters that challenge her, like the role of Amoruso, who was also an executive producer on the show. “It’s tricky to play a real person. You can’t create a fictionalized version of them if you’re sticking too closely to who they actually are, so I tried to collect as much information about her as I could, but also not to think about it too much,” she says.

When Robertson came face to face with Amoruso for the first time, she admits there were some nerves. “First of all, I didn’t know what to wear,” she says. “But I warmed up to her really quickly. She is fun, and quirky, and she really listens and picks up on things. She’s way more complicated of a human being than I though she would be. After that, we had brunch together and went shopping together and I’ve since spent a lot of time with her.”

Besides Amoruso, Robertson says she looks up to a lot of empowering women for inspiration. “Definitely Kay Cannon, who is the creator of our show, because she’s the coolest,” she says. “Kay just gets work done and always does it with a smile on her face. Even when she’s having a bad day, she’ll just text me and says she’s grateful for me, which is awesome. That’s not what I do when I’m having a bad day.”

Then there’s the Queen of Talk, herself. “Oprah is kind of amazing and everybody loves her,” says Robertson. “Oh, and Michelle Obama too. There are so many girlbosses! I’d say my ultimate list is Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron (who also executive-produced Girlboss), Beyoncé, and of course, Taylor Swift, because I’m just a huge fan.”

For more from Robertson, including the dream business that she wants to start, watch the video above. Girlboss is streaming now on Netflix.