By Joshua Lyon
Sep 09, 2015 @ 9:00 am

After Silver Linings Playbook, there hasn't been much of a question about Bradley Cooper's dancing skills, but as it turns out the actor has been hoofing it since he was just a kid. "You’ve already got some moves in your locker," James Corden said to Cooper when he appeared on The Late Late Show Tuesday. "I saw you at a party in New York. Is that how you get the ladies?"

Cooper blushed, but only a little. "I did very well at the Bar Mitzvahs growing up," he confessed, smiling. "I couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor. That was my in."

If the idea of a tiny Bradley Cooper grooving at a Bar Mitzvah wasn’t amazing enough, he confessed that he also had a signature dancing style: "I grew up when popping and breakdancing was big," he said. That was all it took for Corden to point to bandleader Reggie Watts to strike up a beat. Click the video above to see Cooper shake his groove thing. (And if anyone has old video footage of him dancing, send it our way immediately.)