By Jennifer Davis
May 25, 2016 @ 11:45 am

Blake Shelton tried sushi for the first time ever—yes, ever—with Jimmy Fallon, and the hilarious Tonight Show host captured their culinary adventure all on camera. The duo went to sushi hotspot Nobu in New York City, where they delighted in a 5-course meal that most raw fish enthusiasts would love. Shelton, however, had some reservations...

"Why are you doing this?" he asked Fallon. "Because I love you—that's all. We're going to have fun!" Fallon said. That prediction did come true—maybe it was the rice wine that Shelton asked for so frequently? Regardless, they started off with a selection of nigiri. 

"Blake, don't be freaked out. Look how colorful. Look how beautiful!" he tells him before Shelton tries a piece of tuna sushi. "The texture is play dough, but I will say this to you right now man to man: I like that. I like how that tasted," he admitted. The good vibes ended there though. Shelton did not love the sashimi nor the uni, but he valiantly tried them both. 

When it came down the final mystery course, Fallon assured Shelton that he would love it. And he did! But spoiler: it was a Big Mac. Hey, not everyone is a fan of sushi.

Watch the full video above and prepare to laugh out loud.