By Jonathan Borge
Updated Oct 03, 2017 @ 10:45 am

Blake Lively may have often broken the “good girl” boundaries as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, but her latest role is apparently a saucy one.

In All I See Is You, the 30-year-old actress portrays a blind woman who miraculously regains her sight and later realizes that her husband (played by Jason Clarke) is kind of horrible. From the look of the trailer (above), he's perhaps even abusive. Interestingly, director Marc Forster's script involves nudity, something Lively’s team first saw as a red flag. They reportedly almost didn’t show it to her.

As fate would have it, the star gave Forster's script a chance and fell in love with it, nude scenes included. Though initially, she figured she'd convince the director to scrap the scenes. “I thought well, he’s not unmoving. Let me read it and if it’s great, then I’ll [talk] him out of it," she told Vanity Fair.

“I always find nudity distracting,” she added and hilariously revealed that when it comes to naked body parts, she always one to take a peek. (Sorry, Ryan.) “I’m very in love with my husband, but if there’s a pair of boobs out, I’m a human being! You’re like ‘boobs!’ It doesn’t mean I’m lusting for them, [but] when there’s naked boobies, you look at them.”

Shot in Thailand last year, Lively said it was a tough on to shoot. “I don’t remember a moment that we weren’t filming,” she said. “It was the most intense film I’d ever been on.”

Watch the trailer for All I See Is You Above.