Bieber Pulls a Beyonce and Releases Epic 12-Song Video Album


Justin Bieber surprised fans by releasing a music video for every song from his new album "Purpose."


I know when you think of a Justin Bieber music video, it's hard to stray from the idea of bowling alleys and bad bangs. [MUSIC] But that was baby Bieber, and grown man Bieber took a page out of the Beyonce bible, releasing 12 music videos over the weekend for his new album Purpose. The Biebs released each video individually, but together they make up a 45 minute short film titled Purpose the movement. [MUSIC] Bieber sings his way into the starring role of his short film but his cast of supporting actors enhance his music immensely. Remember those sassy dancers from sorry? [MUSIC] They delivered more for his last choreography in a new video for what do you mean and No sense. And don't forget about the boys. Male dancers take it to the next level and I'll show you and The Feeling. [MUSIC] The music then goes from get it to get the tissues and life is worth living. The same rule applies to Love Yourself, where the Bieber team has used the power of dance to bring his lyrics to life. And let's not forget about the children. [MUSIC] In what looks like the most coordinated musical based on The Hunger Games, Bieber's hitting us with some pint sized performers. Whose dancing could save all the lives of District 12. Overall, the videos focus less on Bieber and more on his interpretation of the song. It's a refreshing strategy for a singer who always seems to be in the spotlight, now letting his art and underwear speak for himself.
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