By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 07, 2017 @ 1:45 pm
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By nature, parents tend to be proud of their children and their accomplishments, but when Beyoncé is your next of kin, it’s a whole new game.

Mama Tina Knowles stepped away from her “Corny Joke Time” segment on Sunday to commend her eldest daughter on Instagram.

As the entire world is well aware, Queen Bey gave birth to twins less than two months ago. Despite what most would consider a deserving excuse of some down time, Beyoncé has been on her game—posing Botticelli-style, wearing miniskirts, sipping wine, and (*gasp*) rollerskating!

Bey’s latest Instagram video shows the mother of three getting her skate on in a “Black Magic” tee (men's: $325; and curve-hugging jeans.

Bey’s mom, of course, beat us all to the punch and said exactly what we were all thinking: WHAT?? HOW?? (Basically.)

Tina took to the ‘gram on Sunday, re-posting her daughter’s video with the caption, “Who is skating like this 7 weeks after having twins? Looking good baby!!”

Seriously! Even the woman who helped MAKE Beyoncé can’t believe how incredible she is.

Preach, Tina.