It's official: Derek Zoolander is still really, really ridiculously good looking. We all saw that last week when he and Hansel strutted their stuff during the Valentino fall 2015 show at Paris Fashion Week, but it was confirmed by none other than Zoolander himself, Ben Stiller, during his appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday.

As the actor—who will be stepping back into the model's fashionable shoes for the upcoming Zoolander sequel (as well as co-star Owen Wilson)—put it to host Jimmy Fallon, "A lot of people say that Derek's not that smart, but I think the idea of doing a sequel to a movie—15 years after it came out—that nobody really went to in the first place is kind of brilliant." We couldn't agree more.

While Zoolander fans are thrilled about the return of the iconic characters, Stiller joked about the other models who appeared on the runway during fashion week: "Most of them weren't born when the first movie came out." Then who does he think taught them "Blue Steel"?

Watch Ben Stiller chat with Jimmy Fallon about Zoolander, among other topics (including his cameo on Bear Grylls's show), by clicking on the video above.