There have been so many great celebrity couple nicknames—Brangelina, Kimye, Tomkat, etc., But what about the bromance couple nicknames? Don't they deserve one too? And clearly Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, the stars of the new blockbuster Batman v Superman have formed a close bond after starring in the film together and then being on a whirlwind press tour, which is why fans have dubbed them "Benry." Conan O'Brien announced this on his show on Thursday, which featured the whole cast of the film and its director Zack Snyder, but it didn't seem like the men were so convinced with the label. Luckily, they came up with some pretty good alternatives in a web exclusive for the show.

"You know I've been part of some conjoined names before. I don't think that rates very high," said Affleck, who, of course, was referring to the celebrity couple nickname, Bennifer. "I think we can do better."

"Caffleck. Henjamin Caffleck," suggested Cavill. "It sounds like Cumberbatch," said O'Brien. "Caffleck sounds like a pharmaceutical. Like, 'New Caffleck. Having trouble urinating? Try Caffleck,'" said co-host Andy Richter. "If you've got Benry, try Caffleck," said O'Brien. Hmm, maybe they should keep thinking. Watch Affleck and Cavill come up with celeb couple names in the video above.

During the show, Affleck also talked about running into former Batman Christian Bale at a Halloween costume shop, both while shopping with their kids, right after he got the Batman role. Doing a spot-on impression of Bale, he said the first thing he thought when the actor started talking to him was, "Christian Bale's British? That threw my mind! The guy's such a good actor, I think I've only seen him in movies playing an American accent," said Affleck. So what was Bale's token Batman advice? "Look mate, just make sure you've got a zipper in that suit. I couldn't piss for three movies," said Affleck talking as Bale. Good advice.

Watch Affleck discuss running into Bale in the clip below.