Credit: bellathorne/instagram

Fact: Bella Thorne has tried practically every hairstyle and color combo possible. Never one to stick with the same style for very long, the star's Rapunzel lengths have been hot pink, mermaid teal, Jessica Rabbit red, pale blonde, and just about every hue in between. Her makeup always follows accordingly, with effects like color-coordinating glitters or even pink brows to complete the look.

Like clockwork, Thorne revealed yet another hair change, but it was one we didn't see coming.

In lieu of the full ROYGBIV pattern she's been following, the star posted a photo of her copper-orange strands chopped into a tousled crop that hit just at shoulder-level. It's the shortest style we've seen her in yet, and falls in line with the recent wave of bobs and lobs on and off the red carpet.

Unlike the uber-sleek, center-parted iterations running rampant on our Instagram feeds, Bella's look falls more in line with a shag style, with shorter layers around her face and top area of hair, which gradually cascade in length to her shoulders.

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Dare we say this is possibly our favorite hairstyle of hers in the expansive list? We're feeling the undone vibe her roughed-up waves give off, not to mention, the warm autumnal color upgrade.