By Christina Shanahan
Feb 01, 2016 @ 4:00 pm

We can't take our eyes off newly-engaged Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's spring campaign for Paige, which she helped the designer conceptualize from start to finish. To celebrate the campaign's debut and the upcoming collection, we're taking you behind the scences of the breezy Malibu shoot. We sat down with Huntington-Whiteley and Paige designer Paige Adams Geller to get the scoop on what inspired the collection (which also marks the brand's first foray into accessories) and the sizzling shoot. Listen in on their convo (above), then scroll down for the highlights and to see our favorite shots from the campaign.

What's the creative process behind putting together a campaign like this?
Paige Adams Geller: It all starts when I am thinking about the clothing and what the themes are for the collection. This one in particular was all about taking a trip down a desert highway like Thelma and Louise. I was imagining a night up in the canyon and what it would have been like in the '70s. We were imagining what Jim Morrison would’ve worn if he was a girl.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: It’s funny you say that because I’ve lived in L.A. for a few years now and whenever I’m driving up in the hills, I always think about what it was like in the '60s or '70s and how technology was so much different back then. I think this collection really reflects that time in L.A. So we created a real kind of rock-n-roll feel, like the girl coming home after a wild night out.

Paige Adams Geller: Exactly! She may or may not be doing a walk of shame.


How would you describe the overall vibe of the spring collection?
Paige Adams Geller: I definitely think it's a little tougher than it’s been in the past. I actually love the L.A. music scene and I used to have a band, so I like bringing out that gritty rock side.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: This girl would definitely be with the band. There are a lot of flares in this collection—it is a big staple that is coming back now for the next few seasons, and it's a really flattering cut for everyone.

You’re both such girl bosses. What is your best tip for getting ahead of the game, regardless of the field you're in?
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: It's just about figuring out what it is you love to do and then going off of that and finding a job that feels like you are living every day. That is a real luxury.

Paige Adams Geller: The most important thing is setting the intention of what it is that you want to happen and really standing firmly in that intention and not letting noise get in the way. It's also important to be really good to those around you. It's important to have good relationships with the people you work with and infuse that energy into the environment. I think that always pays off in the long run, too.


Paige, what do you love most about Rosie’s style?
Paige Adams Geller: Whenever she picks out an outfit, it looks so chic and so polished, but at the same time effortless. It feels warm and natural and inviting, so other people can put themselves in her shoes and think, "Oh that might look good on me, too."

Rosie, what's the best denim tip you've picked up from Paige?
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: The importance of always having your staple pair... the pair that goes with everything and can transition you from day to night. I've also learned to have a bit more fun with my denim choices. I remember at one of our first fittings, I said I was never going to wear high-waisted jeans. Then I triend on a pair and they were great! So the key is exploring and having more fun, but keeping that signature pair that you know can go to and trust at any time.