By Joshua Lyon
Aug 14, 2015 @ 9:15 am

Austin Mahone stopped by the WWHL clubhouse on Thursday, but it was Andy Cohen who did all the "Dirty Work." The host tried his best to get the pop star to spill secrets about Taylor Swift, since Mahone was the opening act during her Red tour last year. Ever the gentleman, Mahone only had sweet things to say.

Mahone answered "no" to the first two questions, about whether Swift ever lost her temper or brought fan boys backstage. And when Cohen inquired about whether Mahone thinks Calvin Harris is a good match for Swift, he answered, “Yeah, I think so.”

In response to a query about what Swift eats before a show, Mahone told a cute story about how they would play a game in which they tossed pieces of fruit at each other before going on stage, and then Cohen tried to sneak in the question: “Do you legitimately think ‘Bad Blood’ was about Katy Perry?”

“I had no idea that was even a thing,” Mahone replied smoothly.

And the best piece of career advice Mahone ever received from Swift? “To always have fun.” Click the video above to watch Mahone discuss the superstar singer.