By Jennifer Merritt
Jan 08, 2015 @ 4:15 pm

So we're one week into January and we have to ask: How many of you have already let a New Year's resolution slide?

If you, like us, raised your hand, don't fret. advice columnist Katherine Schwarzenegger has some tips at the ready, and for her, resolutions are a family affair. "New Year's resolutions are a huge topic in my family," she shares. "Every year around this time, my family and I go to dinner and we go around the table and everyone says their resolution. This is a really great thing to do because having your family and friends know what you're intending to do that year will definitely add that extra pressure you need to stay on top of a resolution and actually follow through with it."

In the video above, Schwarzenegger practices what she preaches and shares her resolution for 2015 with all of you, plus offers more advice on how you can make your New Year's resolutions stick. Are you—like us—ready to get back on track?

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