By Andrea Cheng
Sep 15, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

When Anna Kendrick isn't filming or going on adventures, she's starring in Kate Spade New York's kooky #MissAdventures episodes that read more like mini movies than advertisements. Her previous two involved being mistaken for a meditation instructor and breaking into her apartment. Her latest? A dinner scene, titled "The Best Company," set in the Russian Tea Room in N.Y.C., in which she talks to her novelty gnome purse when her date stands her up. 

"They’re really fun; I have so much fun making them. It’s this very unique, strange, unexpected creative outlet," Kendrick tells InStyle about what it's like to film the series. "The fun thing about it is that it never feels like it has to revolve around selling. What brand will allow you to layer 10 dresses at a time to sell clothes? It never felt like it had to look perfect all the time. We’re just having fun with it."

And the result, too, is three minutes of fun. After sharing her drinks with her gnome and her adorable pup Milos (who is, fun fact, an actor dog.) "Milos is a total professional," Kendrick says. "He just sits there and hangs out and looks at you. It's great"), she runs into an unexpected celebrity patron. Watch the newest Kate Spade New York #MissAdventure episode, above.