By Victoria Moorhouse
Jun 04, 2016 @ 2:30 pm

HBD, Angelina Jolie! It's no secret we've long been inspired by this actress and humanitarian's beauty choices — um, even her leg had a Twitter account (thanks to one very sexy dress) if you can recall. So, in celebration of her 41st birthday, we rounded up a few of her best hair and makeup moments for you to draw major inspo from. 

First, we start with a closer look at the many hairstyles she's worn. From bangs (warning: you'll probs want to book a salon appointment) to bedhead blowouts to perfect red-carpet buns, we're pretty sure she's literally never, ever had a bad hair day. Or at least we've never seen one. 

Then, we check out some of her best makeup moments, including a red lipstick moments that will inspire you to bust out your favorite shades, a contouring masterpiece, glow skin, and a close up at her enviable eyebrows. Check it out in the video above!