By Meredith Lepore
Apr 13, 2016 @ 7:45 am

Everyone has a few funny pictures on their phones that they just can't delete, but luckily most people don't have to show them on national television. Unfortunately, Amy Schumer had to explain a handful of the unusual, but funny photos on her phone on the The Tonight Show Thursday during a segment of Explain This Photo. She wasn't alone though: Host Jimmy Fallon also had to produce the goods from his device.

They started with a well-known photo of Schumer on the island of Pig Beach in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, comedian Bridget Everett—and a giant pig. Schumer explained that she had seen the place on The Bachelor where people swam with pigs and thought it looked awful, but her whole group wanted to go. As it turns out, Schumer was right because Everett was bitten by the swine.

For Fallon's turns, he discussed a photo where he had an unflattering mustache, a T-shirt that read "I shot the sheriff," and "sideways" hair as well as a snapshot of himself laughing outside a Carl's Jr.

Schumer also shared a snap of herself and Hanisch with white powder all over their lips after they got beignets in New Orleans and a photograph of Tilda Swinton and her boyfriend, Sandro Kopp​, lying on a bed cuddling up to Schumer's collection of the creepiest stuffed animals ever. "Finally Pokey's getting his or her shining moment," she said, pointing to the most horrific looking one. "That doll is getting a horror movie next year," said Fallon.

Watch Schumer's and Fallon's full explainations of the odd photos on their phones in the video at top.