Amy Schumer knows where her priorities lie. When the Trainwreck actress visited Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday, the host immediately congratulated her on the success of her show Inside Amy Schumer: “So many Emmy nominations for you today!”

“And M&Ms!” she exclaimed. Her brilliant and totally relatable wit scored nods for best show, acting, writing, and directing. It’s definitely been her year, and since her profile is so elevated she’s getting stopped on the street more and more. “Do they feel like they know you from your standup?” Meyers asked. “Do they feel like that’s the real you?”

“It is pretty much the real me,” she answered. “And so it’s kind of embarrassing to get caught in moments that are so like you. Like, I live alone ... I couldn’t zip up my dress … So I had to go out in the street and just wait for somebody that looked like they weren’t, like, a monster. I’m like, ‘Hi, I have no one in my life, can you zip my dress?’”

Luckily the woman was a fan, as was the second person they enlisted to help. “She needed someone to hold it,” Schumer explained. Click the video above to find out what happens when she has to refill her birth control!