Amy Schumer is taking a stand against body shaming, and she enlisted her friend (and birthday girl) Lena Dunham to help her do so. The Girls actress made a cameo on Inside Amy Schumer Thursday night to help Schumer highlight the ridiculous criticism that women face when they’re larger than a sample size.

In the sketch, Schumer is out shopping and asks a saleswoman for help finding a shirt in a larger size. The employee tells her to quiet down because she’s “scaring the thin customers,” before showing that there’s “a whole section for your 'situation.'”

The section turns out to be a farm, where Schumer finds Dunham, who was sent there three months ago when she asked for a turtleneck. “Do you want to try this on?” the sales associate asks, holding up a tarp for wood. “It’s perfect for covering your pool or your problem areas.”

The purchase comes with a mall pretzel: “We assume that’s where you’d be going next,” the employee says. “That is really offensive,” Schumer says. “For the future, just know that that is offensive.”

Leave it to the ladies to find the perfect way to shine a light on the issue.