It’s been a pretty intense summer for Amy Schumer, what with her hit film Trainwreck and her political work for bringing an end to gun violence, so she more than deserves some serious R&R. “Once a year I go away with all my girlfriends from high school,” she told Jon Stewart on The Daily Show Monday. “We went to the Hamptons [this year] because they wouldn’t let us go back to Martha’s Vineyard. No one would rent us a house.”

After asking what they’d done to deserve the ban she told the host, “none of your business,” before continuing. “So we got to the Hamptons, and Jennifer [Lawrence] and I have become friends. I was like, ‘Oh we’re going on a boat tomorrow you should come. It was kind of a hypothetical, but she was like, ‘I think I’m coming.’

When Schumer told her friends that they had a date with Katniss Everdeen the next day, they freaked. “They’re all nurses and teachers, and I’m like Jennifer Lawrence is coming on a boat with us tomorrow! So they’re all screaming. We wound up going Jet Skiing, I was like, ‘I’ll drive, I’ve got this. And then she was like, ‘No, I’m Hunger Games!'”

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The buddies snapped several cute photos together, but Schumer took her standard self-deprecating approach to them. “Jennifer Lawrence is the last person you want to be next to. All the pictures we took of us, I look like her coach. I look like I’m telling her to take a knee,” she joked.

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You’re equally beautiful, Amy. (And please invite us on your next beach vacation.) Click the video above to hear about her adventures with paddle boarding.