Leave it to Amy Poehler and her smart girls to create one of the coolest beauty tutorials we've ever seen. As part of the star's Smart Girls initiative, makeup artist Annamarie Tendler teams up with the always-funny Nicole Byer of MTV's Girl Code to launch the first makeup tutorial for the website and video series. Appropriately-titled "The Other Side," the inaugural video takes on a Halloween theme as Tendler teaches Byer how to create the perfect red lip, with topics like ghosts and Leonardo DiCaprio sprinkled throughout the tutorial. After the pro finishes one side of the statement pout, true to the name, she then has Byer fill in the rest herself. 

We're loving Tendler's hilarious and relatable approach to the art that is makeup—it defintiely reminds us of how fun it is to get ready with our girlfriends, especially considering the fact that equal parts of swooning over Leonardo DiCaprio and learning new beauty tricks are involved. Click play on the video above to watch the tutorial in full!