America Ferrera may not be returning to Las Vegas anytime soon. She told Seth Meyers on Late Night Tuesday that she had a bit too much fun the last time she was there. The actress went to Sin City with the cast of her new show Superstore after they wrapped the first season. "I just always feel like Vegas is the wrong choice in general. But we had a good time. There was too much of everything," she told Meyers. "That's what Vegas sells itself on," he told her. 

Ferrera said she even got called up on stage during David Copperfield's magic show and she found it quite nerve-wracking. But both she and Meyers agreed the show was incredible. The host admitted that after he saw it in Vegas, he had "to sit and think for an hour because the rules of nature and physics I thought were true are now false."

Ferrera's post-magic show activities were a little bit different. "We were high on magic so we're like 'Let's go eat,' and then this stretch Humvee limo shows up. We were just gonna get in cabs, but then you're drunk and there's a Humvee limo and you're like, 'That's a good idea!' And you're like 'It's fine, it's only $10 a head,' but then you take like a five-minute ride and it's $200. But the length of the ride was the length of 'Hotline Bling and we danced to that, so we paid $200 to dance to 'Hotline Bling' in a stretch Hummer limo and it was worth it."

Meyers agreed that the ride was totally worth it. "I have spent $200 for way worse things in Las Vegas so that is a win," he said. Ferrera added that she apologized to the environment after for the short trip. Watch Ferrera talk more about her Vegas trip by clicking on the image above. 

In the clip Ferrera also talks about her new show, Superstore, which premieres on Nov. 30 on NBC. Ferrera plays a woman named Amy who works at a Wal-Mart type bix box store. She said when they were filming the pilot in a real store, customers did actually mistake her for a real employee because of her uniform. The first few days she corrected them, but after a week she said she gave up and directed them to the aisle where they could find toilet paper.