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Today’s post is about ABS. I have always loved staying fit — I loved a junior high weight lifting class I took and since then have been into fitness. I always knew that (supposedly) if you have stronger abs BEFORE you get pregnant then you will bounce back faster. With Atticus that was especially true for me. I had pretty fit abs and continued to do ab work outs until my bump was too big (my doc said this was fine). I bounced back pretty quickly with him even though I gained 50 lbs with his pregnancy.

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With my second pregnancy I wasn’t as in-shape beforehand — I had lost all the weight but didn’t have as much muscle. During my pregnancy I was so busy with Atticus that I didn’t have as much time to work out so I would often just do quick work outs or a soul cycle class here and there but really didn’t work out much and had little desire to. During that time I forgot what it was like to enjoy working out because I dreaded it. I gained around 50 lbs with my second pregnancy too – somehow weight just sticks to me. After three months with little Rosie I decided to try working out so I bought the BBG program. When it came time to do a sit up I laid flat and couldn’t for the life of me even do one single sit up. I had never felt so weak and discouraged knowing I had such a long ways to go because I knew how hard it is to build muscle. Especially since my body doesn’t build muscle very quickly. I also knew I had to have Diastasis Recti (when your ab muscles are separated after pregnancy) — because I could feel how far apart they were.

So, I kind of lost motivation to work out and decided I wanted to first lose the weight. For around 2 months I did a no carb, no sugar diet (the ketogenic diet) and I lost the remaining 25 or so pounds pretty quickly. Once the weight was gone, I stopped dieting and ate normally and decided to start working out but I wanted to get a trainer to help with my ab situation and the whole separation so I didn’t make it worse. My trainer taught me a bunch of really great work outs and also got me to love working out again which was really nice. I still have a bit of separation that my doctor says will unfortunately probably be there for now on unless I choose to get it fixed (you can get the ab muscles sewn together when you are completely done having children but I have no idea what that entails! I just know she told me that, ha.) Anyways, I wanted to share some of my favorite ab work outs – I am NOT a personal trainer or fitness expert – I am a tall, lerpy, and uncoordinated human just trying to be fit lol so don’t judge my form because, trust me, I KNOW! And if you have diastisis recti you should consult a a doctor before working out and if possible talk to a trained professional to see what is best for your situation!! Some of these I didn’t start doing until AFTER my separation was getting a lot better so best to consult someone

VIDEO: The Tone It Up Girls Demo The Ultimate Bikini Abs Workout

And for any mama’s out there who were in my same boat don’t feel discouraged! Changes do not happen overnight and I didn’t start seeing results for a solid 6 months. And like I said I seriously couldn’t do a 10 second plank or a sit up if I wanted to – so it took lots of baby steps at first! I kinda wish I had taken a before picture but you definitely don’t think to strip and take a photo after having a baby – especially when its winter and you’re pasty white like I was lol.

Currently I am doing the BBG work out program and I am on week 14. I don’t diet but I try to eat healthy when healthy options are available. I don’t worry too much if I have shaved ice like we did tonight.

It’s good to treat yourself.