By Aly Semigran
Jan 15, 2015 @ 11:31 am

Parents tuning in to The Late Show on Wednesday night likely got a kick out of the hilarious and relatable chat host David Letterman with his guest Amanda Peet about their respective children. The Togetherness actress talked candidly about raising her three children—her daughters Frankie and Molly, and her new son Henry (who she joked that her daughters actually wished was named "Harry Potter-Friedman")—with Letterman, who also shared his own tales of parenting woes regarding his 11-year-old son, Harry.

Letterman warned Peet about the upcoming pre-teen years ("Good luck and get ready," he told her, noting, "Everything is an argument"), who is already experiencing some epic, albeit very funny tantrums when punishing her daughters, which she lovingly imitated during her appearance.

Both of the famous parents also griped about the use of technology with today's homework ("Just electrocute me," Letterman complained) and wondered if their kids, are in fact, peculiar. Watch Peet and Letterman swap parenting stories in the clip above.