Amanda Peet’s husband David Benioff is an executive producer of Game of Thrones, but they might not be together much longer. The Togetherness actress was left devastated by the show's season finale, in which (spoiler alert!) Jon Snow was repeatedly stabbed. “I don’t love [David] anymore,” she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday. “I said, if you kill him, that’s it.'”

Kimmel tried to get Peet to spill some inside knowledge. “Do we know for sure if he killed him?” the host asked, referring to several rumors that Snow might have survived the attack. But she insisted that like Jon Snow, she knows nothing. “It’s a little like being married to someone in the CIA or something, except for not as important,” she said. “He’s in the bed and he has his earphones and we angle the computer so that I can’t see the dailies.”

Peet loves the bastard son of Ned Stark so much that she’s even learned how to impersonate his voice—sort of. Click the video above to hear her read bra package copy in Snow’s signature dramatic accent.