Don’t think Allison Williams’s seemingly innate ability to master feminine elegance in everything from Giambattista Valli to Christian Dior gowns means she’s afraid to roll up her sleeves and kick some booty. In fact, for the 27-year-old, doling out a girl power-fueled punch is always a top priority. “I love anything that drives towards girls being able to determine their own identity. And putting ladies first, that’s my thing,” she told InStyle during New York Fashion Week.

So that explains why the Girls star has been tapped as the creative director for Keds Collective in an effort to not only show how to properly strike a pose in comfy kicks, but also offer a dose of inspiration in honor of International Women’s Day. In the campaign video above, Williams lends her athletic prowess to the camera and easily shatters a rotating disco ball while sporting a vintage-inspired baseball getup. “This world could use a woman’s touch,” reads the graphic signage at the end.

For the actress, teaming up with the brand was a no-brainer. “I like everything they represent. I like what they make. I like what they do for girls all over the world… and they’re timeless,” she said. “There’s a reason that women like Jackie Kennedy have worn them before and that’s just because they are so personal. They can be fancy, they can be casual, they can be boyish, they can be cutesy, they can be whatever you want them to be, which I love.”

Watch the full video above to see Williams show us how it’s done—and prepare to feel inspired.