Allison Williams is still flying high from her work in last month's Peter Pan Live! broadcast. The actress—who looked radiant in red—visited The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, where she recalled her experience with the NBC event and explained why it meant so much to her and her family.

The Girls star chatted with host David Letterman about the mechanics of playing Peter Pan, from the amount of time she spent airborne ("10 to 12 minutes") to the risks involved ("I lost feeling in one of my legs for six hours, but that was fine.")

Williams—whose entire family, including proud papa Brian Williams, was on hand to watch her during Peter Pan Live!—went on to talk about how emotional the entire thing was for her. The actress described it as "one of those big life moments that made me take stock and feel lucky."

See Williams talk more about how much Peter Pan was a part of her childhood and why kids never look for the wires in the video above.