By Andrea Cheng
Jan 18, 2017 @ 9:00 am

Not knowing anyone at a dinner party is the worst. Not knowing anyone at a dinner on top of being in a foreign city? That's enough to RSVP "no." Not knowing anyone at a dinner party in a foreign city and not speaking the language? Ugh, total nightmare. But that just happened to be the situation It-Brit star Alexa Chung facetiously found herself in for AG's adorably awkward, tongue-in-cheek spring 2017 campaign video.

Titled "When in Paris" (a tribute to the collection's inspiration—La Nouvelle Vague) and art directed by Johnathan Crocker, the denim brand's VP of global communications, the film follows Chung as she navigates the Parisian dinner scene, in which she attempts to speak French (there are a few light-hearted lost-in-translation moments), downs red wine to pass the time, and—spoiler alert—makes a friend at the end. 

As far as video campaigns go, this one errs on the longer side (it clocks in at just under three minutes) but, I promise you, it flies by. It's funny, it's comically cringe-y at times, and it's highly entertaining. Watch the campaign, above—and if these words aren't enough to persuade you, then perhaps this outtake of Chung awkwardly sitting alone at the dinner party will do it. 

Credit: Courtesy