Few sounds are more intimidating than Alan Rickman’s cold, thunderous voice, and the Harry Potter actor appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday to force an apology out of Jimmy Fallon. “The last time I was on this show you said to me, was I aware that people impersonated me,” he said to the host. “The very next night, Benedict Cumberbatch and you had what is described as a ‘Rickman-Off.’”

“It’s a famous game people play!” Fallon said in an attempt to defend himself. Luckily Rickman has a better sense of humor than Professor Snape and gamely huffed some helium with the host.

“I’m very sorry you were offended,” Fallon squeaked. “I’m very very sorry.” Click the video above to hear Rickman accept his apology and then say the words “Harry Potter” like a woozy chipmunk.