With the help of Karlie Kloss, Adidas unveiled a brand-new campaign encouraging us all to "unleash our creativity." Released on Wednesday, the campaign comes to life through short videos featuring female athletes and fitness influencers who, according to the brand, "use creativity to defy conventions, reinvent routine, create their own path and inspire others to make a difference in sport." Fitness guru Hannah Bronfmann, the WNBA's Candace Parker, and soccer star Becky Sauerbrunn are also among the stars.

"Hard work only gets you so far," reads the caption to the main campaign video (above). "To make a real difference, you need something more powerful. Your creativity. Unleash it and see just how far you can go."

Kloss's video segments show her working out cross-fit style while in her Adidas gear. "Like this campaign, creativity enables me to accomplish more and follow my passions," Kloss says in a statement. "It is inspiring to work alongside this incredible group of women and help each other achieve our personal goals."

VIDEO: Watch Karlie Kloss Get Ready for The Fashion Awards


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