By Joshua Lyon
May 07, 2015 @ 9:15 am

The members of Maroon 5 have a long-running, very important question that comes up for discussion every time the band hits the road: Could a Velociraptor break through a double-pane glass window?

“If you’re on tour, you’re only performing two hours a night and the rest of it you spend with your best friends,” Adam Levine explained last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  “We fight, argue about things. We were sitting at some restaurant … and we had seen this café window that was made of double-pane glass and naturally the first thing you think when you see double-pane glass is, can a Velociraptor break and penetrate this glass?"

"We’ll probably now continue to argue about it because I just mentioned it,” added the singer (who was unfortunately hit by a sugar bomb as he was leaving the show's taping).

For the record, host Jimmy Kimmel stands firmly on the side of “no” when it comes to this dispute, despite Levine’s best attempts to sway him: “They’re super strong, they’ve got the claws … didn’t you see Jurassic Park?”

“I did. But first of all that was fake," Kimmel said. “I think they’d have to stand back and kick the glass, which they wouldn’t do.”

“With their ultra-powerful legs,” Levine countered. “There are so many variables that make this worth discussing.” Click the video above to watch Levine's full playground debate.