Mila Kunis looked absolutely stunning at the L.A. premiere of her new film Jupiter Ascending this week, but the actress was desperately missing something on the red carpet: her 4-month-old daughter Wyatt. Kunis visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday where she discussed how difficult it was to leave her child for the first time to attend the premiere. "It's really weird to be out, this is my very first time out and about," she told host Jimmy Kimmel, adding, "It's frightening, I have to be honest, because I was with her every day for the first four months of her little life."

The stay-at-home mom, who admitted she cried when she had to leave to baby Wyatt, said that "It's a very weird feeling to leave your child. It's not that I don't trust who she's with, it's just the idea of not being with her." Kimmel was quick to joke that Kunis didn't feel right leaving her with Wyatt's father Ashton Kutcher, but she assured, "He is an incredible father." She did, however, note that she and Kutcher have very different methods when it comes to holding the baby. Where she is more likely to gently hold her, "he's like a jungle gym."

Kunis—who looked lovely in a strapless black dress during her appearance—also candidly opened up about getting back in shape after giving birth (she said that "breastfeeding is like working out" and that "I am very active, I hike almost everyday with her"), as well as her daughter's unconventional name ("She has a boy cousin named Wyatt").

Watch the entire parenthood chat between Kunis and Kimmel by clicking on the video above.