By Meghan Blalock
Apr 23, 2013 @ 5:00 pm
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Over 100 films are being screened during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this week, and this is the one we’d vote for if we were jurors: The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts. The documentary goes behind the normally-private world of Gucci creative director Frida Giannini’s design process to show her involvement in directing everything, from selecting final looks for runway shows to auditioning models (watch the trailer above). “For me, clothes are always first a way for people to be seductive," Giannini reveals in the film. "I don't think the power woman needs to be necessarily hard. You can be sweet and sensual, and feminine. I think that is the strongest part." The film was produced by James Franco—who, coincidentally, also happens to be the face of Gucci’s men’s colognes—and was directed by by Franco's one-time New York University classmate Christina Voros. Is your interest piqued? Scroll down to read six things that solidified our girl crush on Frida Giannini after watching the film.

1. Her design training started young. When she was a child, her father gave her a room painted all white so she could draw and sketch on the walls and ceiling. He had it repainted every six months because she completely covered the room's surfaces.

2. Her career started with an unpaid internship. After she graduated from the Fashion Academy in Rome, she was offered three jobs— two paid, one unpaid. She took the unpaid one because it was in Rome and so was her boyfriend at the time; she also said it was the best opportunity of the three and that it kickstarted her career. She's like the Italian Sheryl Sandberg! Go for the job that has the most growth potential.

3. She has a fabulous sense of humor. During fittings for the spring 2013 collection she picked up a box clutch, exclaiming, "This looks like a chic Flintstones cell phone!" before holding it up to her ear and talking into it. Her design team erupted into laughter.

4. What it's like to reveal your pregnancy at Gucci. Frida, who is married to Gucci CEO Patrizio di Marco, gave birth to a baby girl named Greta just over a month ago; but she didn't tell her staff until well into her pregnancy. "I have to ask, since so many people are having babies around here, will you be having one soon, too?" her hairstylist whispered to her while doing a run-through before a runway show. She said yes, not realizing they both had microphones on.

5. She shops for vintage Gucci. While on a trip to Beijing, China to prepare a space for Gucci's first runway show in the city, Frida stopped into a vintage store where she discovered a red Gucci bag she had never seen before. She took it back to Florence, Italy to add it to the brand's extensive archives.

6. What it's like to work with male and female models. "When you envision a fashion show, you think about a dream, and when I want to dream, I like to work with youth," Giannini says of her penchant for working with boyish male models. "You have to feel that you are a Gucci boy! You have to be very confident, very powerful, very sensual," she encouraged one timid male model during rehearsals.

The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts will be released in Italy this week. Stay tuned for its wide release in the U.S.

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