By Rita Kokshanian
Sep 15, 2015 @ 5:30 pm

In addition to being married to one of the most successful actors in Hollywood and raising three children, Camila Alves is also a model-turned-designer; she and her mother founded the handbag company Muxo together. In the above interview, Alves shares the inspiring story that convinced her to keep her business going after having kids.

The Brazilian born designer, who is married to Matthew McConaughey, is the first to admit that her rise to entrepreneurship wasn't easy. "Very hard, not simple, and a lot of work put into it," she says of her career trajectory. Alves then goes on to tell the story of a boy who wrote a letter to her about his mother who was sick with cancer and only wanted a Muxo handbag for her birthday. After sending her one, along with a photo and a handwritten letter, Alves received a photo and letter in return. "I never really understand that actually, a product, or a sense of fashion, or something that sometimes we don't look [at] in that way, can actually affect people. So that story completely changed how I looked at what I was doing." See the full interview above.