By Rita Kokshanian
Sep 18, 2015 @ 11:15 am

When you start your own business, your blood, sweat, and tears go into it, something that Camila Alves knows to be true. The model started a line of handbags, Muxo, with her mother, and in the interview above with PowerwomenTV she talks all about how she injects her own self into the brand.

"I would say it's an extension of me and my mother, more than anything," Alves says. Mom Fatima designed handbags for more than 30 years before co-founding Muxo, and Alves admits that everything she learned, she learned from her mother. "Now that we're doing it together, that I'm getting to learn so much of it, so it's really an extension of all of that."

But it's also the model's own role as a mother that has influenced her collections. "I'm a mother of three. I'm traveling. Women today are busy, they're more busy than they've ever been," she says. "We don't have time—we get lucky if we brush our hair and get out the door. What we try to do is always create something that will fit the life of women today since it has changed so much." Watch the video above to learn more about how Alves keeps today's woman in mind when designing her handbags.