By Christina Shanahan
Jun 14, 2016 @ 2:00 pm

If you grew up in the 1980s, chances are you spent many a slumber party watching Elisabeth Shue and her mini charges take the big city by storm in the film Adventures in Babysitting. Lucky for us, the Disney Channel is set to release a remake of the cult classic starring Girl Meets World actress Sabrina Carpenter on June 24, marking the network's 100th Disney Channel Original Movie. We caught up with Carpenter, who plays sitter extraordinaire Jenny Parker, at InStyle's New York City headquarters to get a sneak peek at the fun. Watch the full Facebook Live interview above, then scroll down for the highlights. Oh, and don't forget to set your DVR to take a major walk down memory lane.

Were you a fan of the original film before you were cast in the role?
I was a huge fan. Especially because my mom was such a big fan. That just made it even more of a special moment when I got [the role] because it was something that she grew up on, and now I could continue the story.

Is there anything about the remake that you think will surprise fans of the original?
It’s got kind of the same classic elements that I feel the original did, but with a new twist for this generation. Instead of the blues-singing scene in the original, in this movie we rap. So it shows you how much times have changed. But no, I mean there are a lot of fun things. It’s constant adventure. You’re always on the edge of your seat.

Are there any other memorable moments from the original that we can expect to relive?
There are a lot of little hints and throwback lines, like, “Don’t mess with the babysitter.” One of my favorites is when I say to Trey, who one of the kids, “Your parents are going to kill me,” and he goes, “Well, if they do, they should give you 10 bucks more an hour.” Also, I get to wear the Elisabeth Shue coat, which is super cool!

What else can you tell us about your character?
My character, Jenny Parker, is kind of as uptight as one can be. She’s the perfect babysitter; she’s very responsible. She’s kind of like the neighborhood’s go-to person, and she’s got her goals set straight, and if things don’t go her way she doesn’t really know quite how to handle that. But throughout the movie, you see that she definitely learns a lot about living on the wild side and just kind of stepping outside her comfort zone. Because safety is the most important thing when it comes to babysitting and keeping the kids safe, and sometimes you have to break the rules to keep them safe.

Did you ever do any babysitting of your own?
No, and I shouldn’t. Well, actually, I’m a lot harder on myself than I should be. The kids in the movie were wonderful—they’re angels. I would babysit them any day. Actually, the director asked me to babysit his kids, but I couldn't because I was busy. The movie showed me that I should play a babysitter, not be one.