I Had High Hopes for This Top-Rated Lash Growth Serum, and Rightfully So — the Results Blew Me Away

Vegamour gave me long, fluttery eyelashes in just two weeks.

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Vegamour Lash Serum

Courtesy Vegamour

I am coming around to the appeal and benefits of mascara but even so, I still find it frustrating. A good one will make my eyelashes stronger and more visible but very rarely does it help with my main issue: sparseness. As a beauty editor, I have been aware of lash treatments, but they struck me as a tedious additional step in my beauty routine that didn’t guarantee results. 

Recently, however, I went down the rabbit hole of user reviews for Vegamour’s Gro Lash Serum and was convinced that I, too, needed to try it — and thank god I did because I can’t believe the improvement I’ve seen in just two weeks. 

After reading over 300 reviews that were overwhelmingly positive, if not glowing, my expectations were quite high. I mean wouldn’t yours be, too, after reading this review from a shopper?: “I was curling my lashes one day and the curler slipped and plucked out my entire lash line… I bought this serum right away and applied it twice a day… Within a month, my lashes were back to 100 percent and then some.”

Vegamour Vegalash Volumizing Serum


Shop now: $80; vegamour.com

Now, onto my experience. Incorporating the serum into my routine was less tedious than I thought it was going to be. Now that I’m regularly using an eye cream, I simply applied Gro Lash right before. I put it on both my top and bottom lashes twice a day, every day, and I noticed the difference about 10 days in. 

I was doing my makeup and uncharacteristically decided to use mascara. I hadn’t checked on the progress of my lashes because I figured it was too soon, but I was wrong; when I saw them in the reflection, I was stunned. Long! Thick! Full! Fluttery! These were words I had never once thought of in regards to my own lashes, but now, they describe them well. 

I’m going to use Vegamour Gro Lash Serum for the foreseeable future to continue the growth and increased fullness I’ve already seen in the last two weeks. My final take: This is one of those rare products that lives up to the hype. 

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