Shoppers With Hair Loss Saw “Incredible” Results After Just 2 Months of Using This Regrowth Kit

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Shoppers Say This Shampoo Makes "Limp, Thin and Lifeless" Hair Look Twice as Thick
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There’s no shortage of shampoos, serums, and supplements promising a fuller mane, however hair loss remains incredibly challenging to manage. Factors that contribute to excess shedding range from the hormonal changes of aging to elevated cortisol levels brought on by stress. As a beauty writer who’s delved into hundreds of treatments for this common but pesky issue, I look for products with dermatologist-backed ingredients and a large base of reviewers who attest to seeing results. 

Consequently, I continuously return to Vegamour, a hair-growth brand loved by editors, celebrities, and even my mom. The brand’s Gro line of scalp-thickening formulas has steadily developed a fan base of thousands over the last couple years, with standout products including the Gro Hair Serum, Gro Revitalizing Shampoo, and Gro Revitalizing Conditioner — all three of which have been conveniently bundled into the Gro Essentials Kit

Vegamour GRO Essentials Kit


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The Gro Serum, debatably the most famous of Vegamour’s treatments, combines glycerin to hydrates your scalp with caffeine to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, providing them with the nutrients needed to grow. The kit’s shampoo incorporates vitamin B-rich mung bean, which strengthens strands against damage, and turmeric, which relieves inflammation and protects them from free-radical damage. Following your wash-up with the accompanying conditioner not only gives your mane a silky texture, but also a boost of fortifying macadamia oil

One glance at the comment section for each product reveals loads of rave reviews. However, dozens of shoppers confirm that when used together, this trio yields “amazing” results. “I was definitely skeptical at first, but it changed my life,” wrote one person experiencing balding on the sides of their scalp. “It’s incredible to see baby hairs growing” after two months, they added. Another shopper who lost much of their mane to COVID-19 noticed new growth after 30 days, and a “dramatic change” in fullness after less than a year of consistent use. A third called the kit “undoubtedly the best,” noting that their hair grew at an “unbelievable speed.”

When it comes to thinning hair, there’s yet to be a cure-all. However, consistent use of products from a trusted brand like Vegamour can make a significant difference for those who are struggling. Shop this easy, three-step routine for 30 percent off through February 24 to try it for yourself.

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