This Hair Growth Serum Has Helped My Thin ‘90s Brows Look So Much Fuller

It’s one of the more affordable options I’ve tried, too.

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Vegamour Eyebrow Serum Review

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I’ve made a lot of mistakes with my brows in my life, from over-trimming (I ended up with two straight, boxy lines above my eyes) to applying Jolen bleach for five minutes too long (yes, I had flashy orange brows for at least a month after). But the worst mistake I made is arguably the most common one: Over-plucking. Yep, I plucked my brows in the noughts to the point of no return, but thanks to many growth serums on the market — particularly Vegamour’s Gro Brow Serum — I’ve been able to reverse the damage. 

After not much luck with other brow serums (except one, but it was too pricey to continue using), I started paying attention to the Vegamour ads on pretty much every podcast I’ve turned on in the past year, and decided to give the brand’s brow serum a go. What could I lose? (Well, hopefully not more brow hairs.) 

I applied the serum diligently every night, swiping the serum-dipped wand over the areas of my brows I wanted hair growth. (FYI, the brand recommends a twice-daily application, but I didn’t have time in the AM.) Week after week, month after month, I saw no improvement. My brows were as sad and sparse as ever. Finally, after four months of consistent use, they were suddenly as full as they were pre-me learning how to use tweezers.

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GRO Brow Serum


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Vegamour’s brow serum boasts a plant-based formula, which I never realized may be important to me, a vegetarian, until I read about other brow serums. In the conventional variety, there can be an array of animal byproducts in the ingredient lists, like lanolin (derived from sheep glands), glycerin (though commonly sourced from vegetable oils, it can also come from animal fats) and squalene (traditionally derived from shark liver, though many brands opt for the plant-based version now). Vegamour’s formula is made with the brand’s Polyphytobase Complex, made up of active phytomolecules (mung bean and red clover), zinc, and biotin, which work together to nurture follicles so hair can grow.

With nearly 200 five-star reviews, it’s clear other sparse brows around the globe are benefiting from Vegamour’s brow serum, too. “I’m a victim of ‘90s overplucked brows and after removing my brow hair for so many years, it just never grew back the same,” wrote one fellow over-plucker. “This eyebrow serum really helped me grow back my brows in just a couple months — I couldn’t believe how fast it worked for me.”

Many customers also note that patience is key. (I agree.) “Saw tiny new hairs in sparse eyebrow areas approximately seven to eight weeks in,” another person wrote. “I decided to continue twice-daily use for the first three months and then I will try stepping down to once a day. Very satisfied with the results!”

Ready to take your brows from ‘94 Gwen Stefani to ‘23 Lily Collins? Get yourself a tube of Vegamour’s Gro Brow Serum stat — and don’t forget to use it as often as possible for the best results.

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