These “Expensive” but “Worth It” Nicole Kidman-Approved Hair Growth Products Are Majorly Discounted Right Now

Vegamour is having one final sitewide sale this year.

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Vegamour Sale Lead

InStyle / Tyler Roeland

Vegamour has had a couple of sales in the last few months, which is a particularly good thing if you have go-to products you frequently repurchase. This is the case with many of their customer-loved hair growth shampoos, gray hair-reducing supplements, and lash growth serums. The good news is that you have one final chance to shop discounted Vegamour products thanks to an end-of-year sale that runs until January 8. 

For the next two weeks, individual products and kits are 20 and 25 percent off, respectively, with the code NEWYEAR23. If you know what you need to restock, happy shopping — and if not, here are some useful places to start. 

(I personally recommend you go all-in and get the Gro Complete Kit, which comes with eight products for $234 — meaning you’ll save over $100.)

Shop the Vegamour Sale:

  • Gro Complete Kit, $234 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $362);
  • Ageless Gray Control Duo, $104 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $156);
  • Gro Lash and Brow Kit, $97 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $144);
  • Gro Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit, $65 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $96);
  • Gro Revitalizing Scalp Massager $14 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $18);

Ageless Gray Control Duo

AGELESS Gray Control Duo


Shop now: $104 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $156);

Ageless is Vegamour’s newest product line. It launched this summer with an accompanying announcement of Nicole Kidman as the brand’s new advocate and investor. 

According to the brand the supplements and serum work best on people with a head of 30 percent gray hair or less. It utilizes a two-pronged approach to battling grays via a formula packed with vitamins, peptides, and herbs: First, by controlling the appearance and color of new hair growth, and second, by restoring luster and pigment to existing grays. 

It’s dermatologist-approved and has the stamp of approval from hundreds of five-star reviewers, one of whom said after three months of use, “my hair looks much better with more of my natural brown hair and less gray hairs.” 

Gro Lash and Brow Kit

GRO Lash and Brow Kit


Shop now: $97 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $144);

I have probably written about Vegamour’s lash serum at least a dozen times this year. The first few times, I was recounting other people’s strong belief in the product, which eventually persuaded me to try it myself. I fear that I have since become insufferable because I can’t stop writing or talking about it. Gro Lash Serum deserves all the praise and then some. 

A shopper “bought this serum right away” after accidentally plucking out their entire lash line with a curler. “Within a month, my lashes were back to 100 percent and then some,” they said. And I’ll concur: The improvement was noticeable after weeks, but drastic after four. 

The Gro Brow Serum elicits similar enthusiasm. One of the hundreds of five-star reviewers wrote, “when I was younger I was an anxious eyebrow/eyelash picker… there were definitely little spots where no hair would grow and after using this, they finally started to fill in.” Another shopper, this one “a victim of ‘90s overplucked brows,” said, “this eyebrow serum really helped me grow back my brows in just a couple months, I couldn’t believe how fast it worked for me.”

Gro Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit


Shop now: $65 with code NEWYEAR23 (Originally $96);

The Gro Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit dwarfed every other hair product featured on InStyle in 2022 in terms of popularity. Readers can’t seem to get enough of the Nicole Kidman-approved products — and with good reason. 

The core of both formulas is a combination of vegan B-silk protein, red clover (known for inhibiting DHT, a compound associated with shedding hair), and marula oil. Kidman is simply one of the kit's hundreds of fans. “I am really seeing results,” a reviewer said. “My thinning hair has stopped coming out in handfuls and… thinning spots have actually grown hair back.” Shoppers acknowledge that it is “kind of expensive” but agree that “it’s worth it.” 

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