Shoppers Are Replacing Their Bras With This $19 Solution That Even Stays Put Through "Dancing and Jumping"

It’s a number one bestseller on Amazon.

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Shoppers Replacing Bras With Solution That Stays Through Dancing and Jumping

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane — to high school, specifically. My prom dress was everything I wanted; lavender, shimmery, and backless. There was just one problem: I had no idea which bra to wear; even if it was strapless, it would show, and I wasn’t about to let the ladies go sans support. I eventually found a solution, but I wish I’d known about VBT Boob Tape back then.   

VBT Boob Tape is a breast-lifting solution that seamlessly hides under your most complicated ‘fits and holds you in place at the same time. The adhesive material is also lightweight, breathable, and sweat resistant, so you can feel ultra-comfortable while staying protected. Even better, the number-one best-selling wrap is currently just $19. 

VBT Boob Tape


Shop now: $19 (Originally $25);

To use, first cleanse the skin of all oils, lotions, or fragrances — this step is crucial to maximize adhesion. Then, apply the included nipple covers to protect the delicate skin, measure the desired length of tape, and stick. You can also get creative with your taping style by creating a one-shouldered design, bandeau-like top, or a lifting mechanism. This versatility allows you to utilize the tape no matter what you’re wearing (think: spaghetti-strap shirts, wedding gowns, and plunging V-neck tops).  

Over 5,600 Amazon shoppers are also in love with the tape, calling it a “personal boob fairy” that “lifts and shapes your ‘girls’ to perfection.” Some have ditched their bras altogether explaining that “after having six kids, going braless wasn’t an option,” but this product “worked [sic] amazing.” Another shopper said it works well for large chests, too, and claimed it stayed put through “dancing and jumping around.” Best of all, the tape is “easy to remove” with “no pain.”

VBT Boob Tape can be used for more than your chest, too. Stick it onto the back of your heels to avoid any harsh rubbing from shoes, or use it as athletic tape while exercising. No matter which way you use the product, you’ll be able to choose from various colors like beige, brown, and black to find your closest match.

So ditch those uncomfortable bras that always seem to peek through your cutest fashion pieces and lean into VBT’s on-sale boob tape.  

VBT Boob Tape


Shop now: $30;

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