I'm Impatient With Skincare, so I Rely on This $7 Spray-On Lotion for a Quick, Easy Application

It's a lifesaver on busy days.

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On most days, I enjoy the relaxing process of applying my skincare routine, but on other days, time is just not on my side. For me, it's important to take the time to make sure all my products are correctly applied and fully absorbed into my skin. I leave no dry patch unmoisturized. For research purposes, I timed how long it took me to massage all of my lotions into my skin. With regular lotions, a solid five minutes; if it's thick body butter, it's eight. But when I use Vaseline's Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray, I cut my time down to under two minutes. 

This lotion in a can makes your daily skincare routine a breeze with its easy-press nozzle, while minimizing leakage with its twists-to-lock function. It has a non-greasy, non-sticky formula to leave skin feeling buttery soft. The spray offers a consistent stream of product for an even application, and the Vaseline jelly micro-droplets allow the lotion to absorb in seconds when healing dry skin. It's best used after showering or whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up, and it's available in three formulas: Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh, and Cocoa Radiant. There is even a spray lotion for men.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray


Shop now: $7; amazon.com

I swap in this Vaseline spray when I'm crunched for time. I get out of the shower, dry off to the point of being damp, and then spray about four inches away from my skin for an even application. One clean spray covers my arms and legs completely — a little goes a long way. I can massage the product into my skin in moments, and then I'm done in two minutes tops. My skin is left soft and glowy and feels just as hydrated as it does when I use other lotions. I can put my clothes on shortly after without worrying that the lotion will stain them. The bottle is light and compact, too, making it easy to toss in my gym bag. I also don't have to stress about the product spilling because of the twist lock that keeps it secure.

I can't get enough of this quick and easy lotion spray, and neither can Amazon shoppers who say it's "more convenient than regular lotion." One reviewer with limited mobility said they can spray it from a distance on their arms and legs, adding that “it quickly moisturizes their skin" and "it's not greasy and smells wonderful!" Another shopper said they didn't use traditional lotions because they wanted something "faster and easier to apply." They said it took "5-10 seconds [to absorb, and it wasn't] tacky, sticky, or oily" and their skin felt "softer and more moisturized." A final reviewer used the spray-on lotion on her seven-year-old granddaughter, who suffers from "super dry skin." They said it was "easy to apply and soothing to their skin — no more itching and scratching."

You don't have to skip moisturizing on those busy days with Vaseline's Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Spray, and it's just $7 on Amazon.

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