7 Manicure Ideas to Fit Your 'Vanilla Girl' Aesthetic

They're soft and sweet.

Another day, another TikTok beauty trend. In recent months, we've seen indie sleaze, Barbiecore, cold girl makeup, etc. Of them all, one of the most prominent has to be the "clean girl" look. It involved glazed donut skin, minimal makeup, Olaplex buns, and the sort. Now, that trend has evolved into something cozier and perfect for the winter.

Enter: vanilla girl aesthetic.

Nail Looks Perfect For the 'Vanilla Girl' Trend


This trend leans into all things cozy, neutral, and minimalistic. Think cream-colored knitted blankets, beige scrunchies, gold jewelry, almond-shaped nails, white earmuffs — you get the point. The vanilla girl channels all things soft, luxe, and simple.

As such, the vanilla girl's beauty routine is equally as soft and minimal. Bold makeup and coffin-shaped nails have their time and place, but this trend leans more gentle and minimalistic. Think BB creams, clear lip balm, middle parts, and a dash of cream blush. So, vanilla nails mimic the same vibe.

For those interested in channeling the vanilla girl via their manis, keep scrolling. Below, you'll find pictures of the perfect cream-colored nail polish, the trendy take on the French tip that's perfect for this aesthetic, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it nail art JLo wore on her wedding, and more.

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Vanilla Tips

vanilla girl aesthetic nails

Instagram: @nailsbyzola

Hailey Bieber's go-to nail artist created the most perfect, soft French manicure. It's not as harsh as the typical look.

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Vanilla Latte

vanilla girl aesthetic nails

Instagram: @patty.nailedit

For a simple and straight-forward aesthetic look, paint your nails a solid shade. The exact one used in this look is the Lights Lacquer polish in Cecilia.

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Multi-Colored Hues

vanilla girl aesthetic nails

Instagram: @oliveandjune

Play around with soft, neutral shades and paint each nail a different hue.

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Lovey Dovery

vanilla girl aesthetic nails

Instagram: @tombachik

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik gave Jennifer Lopez a vanilla manicure with some sweet nail art for the star's wedding day.

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Micro French Tips

vanilla girl aesthetic nails

Instagram: @betina_goldstein

Micro French tips are all the rage right now. To achieve it, give your nails a clear or nude base and then paint on a hyper-thin white or off-white line across the tips.

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Dotted Mani

vanilla girl aesthetic manicure

Instagram: @aliciatnails

Minimalistic and easy to recreate, a white dosh contrasted against an opaque nude base is perfect for the vanilla girl.

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Minimal Nail Art

vanilla girl aesthetic nail art

Instagram: @aliciatnails

Nail art doesn't have to be elaborate in order for it to make an impact. A few white lines against a pale base will do just the trick.

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