Why Vanilla Chrome Nails Are the Perfect Summer Mani

Experts break down how to get this viral look.

SEMI-TIMELY: Vanilla Chrome Nail Trend

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Chrome nails — and the many new riffs on them — show no sign of slowing down. It should come as no surprise, since the glossy metallic sheen is as mesmerizing as it is unexpected. But this summer, one shade is shining a little brighter than the rest: vanilla chrome nails.

According to celebrity manicurist and educator Mimi D, vanilla chrome nails are basically chrome nails that have a cream-colored base. Because of their versatility, she's not shocked that everyone seems to be obsessing over the shade right now. Though it arrived years ago, "chrome is having another moment," she says. "This time around, nail art lovers are trying different base colors and chrome-powder combos to create new variations of it.

And it might not be the last you see of it. "Since vanilla is having a moment now, maybe chocolate or strawberry will be next," she says. With that in mind, here's what you need to know.

How to Get Vanilla Chrome Nails

Getting vanilla chrome nails is pretty simple. First, choose a cream shade of polish — not a white polish — to get that vanilla feel for the base, as well as a white chrome powder to get that signature sheen, Mimi says. Then, apply two coats of the cream polish and seal with a top coat before using a sponge to apply the chrome powder to each nail. Once you cover all 10 fingers, seal again with another layer of a top coat.

How to Get Vanilla Chrome Nails at the Nail Salon

Similar to the DIY version, ask for a cream-colored gel polish mani with white chrome powder on top. But as with any nail trend, the best way to make sure you and your nail technician are on the same page is to bring in some sort of visual. See below for five takes on this nail trend that you can bring with you to your next appointment.

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The Classic

SEMI-TIMELY: Vanilla Chrome Nail Trend

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With warm, creamy undertones and a glazed finish, the vanilla chrome nail stands out on its own. Nail artist Alexandra Teleki even included the ultimate how-to guide so you can borrow the look for yourself.

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French Accent

SEMI-TIMELY: Vanilla Chrome Nail Trend

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When in doubt, throw in a French manicure. This combo combines two of the hottest nail trends for a more unexpected nail look.

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All In The Details

SEMI-TIMELY: Vanilla Chrome Nail Trend

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Looking to add a little something-something to your vanilla chrome nail? These tiny metallic details are subtle, but they still elevate the entire look.

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Peach Undertones

SEMI-TIMELY: Vanilla Chrome Nail Trend

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Perfect for summer (creamsicles, anyone?), the vanilla base gets added warmth and interest from a peachy hue.

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Faint Sheen

SEMI-TIMELY: Vanilla Chrome Nail Trend

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A vanilla chrome nail doesn't have to be full coverage. (Your nails, your rules.) Opt for a single swipe or two so that your bare nail peeks through for a minimalist vibe.

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