I Have Shaky Hands, but This TikTok-Viral Eyeliner Gave Me a Perfect Cat Eye in One Try

Valentino’s Twin Liner exceeds the hype.

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I Have Shaky Hands, but This TikTok Viral Eyeliner gave me a perfect cat eye

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Before this month, I hadn’t attempted to wear eyeliner in at least six years. I used to spend hours in college trying to perfect an Audrey Hepburn-like flick, only to eventually give way to a messier Amy Winehouse look, simply because I didn’t have the dexterity for anything more precise.

So besides swatching eyeliners on my hand to test pigment and lasting power, I have not bothered with applying them at all. But the hype surrounding Valentino’s Twin Liquid Eyeliner was so intense that I figured, let’s give it a shot. And although my hands are so shaky, you’d think my fingers were boneless, I applied the most steady, dainty, and precise cat eye of my life — that, too,  on the first try and in just three strokes. 

Valentino Twin Liner Gel and Liquid Eyeliner


Shop now: $40; sephora.com 

Twin Liner refers to the fact that this is a double-ended product. One end is a black felt-tip liquid liner and the other is a gel pencil, available in four shades including hot Valentino pink and black. Both are very thin and precise, although I personally think this product would still be worth the money even if it only offered the liquid liner. 

These are the things that make it exceptional: The felt tip is sturdy but slightly flexible, the pigment is equally distributed throughout the applicator so you don’t have to apply pressure, the tip is very thin and precise, and the pigment is bold and long-lasting. Even someone who has anvils for hands (me) can do an Anna Karina eye with the Twin Liner because the pigment is perfectly dispersed through the pen, even at the end of the very fine tip. 

Another standout feature is its non-smudging, long-lasting formula. Drawing a perfect cat eye was an incredible feat, but the next test was seeing how quickly the liner would smudge along the crease of my very hooded eyes. It was unmoved for about five hours, after which it started to catch on my lids as I blinked. The next time I wore the Valentino Twin Liner, I made sure to prep my eyes with About-Face’s eye primer and it ended up lasting at least eight hours. 

I can still barely believe that this product allows me to apply eyeliner precisely, and I love finally having so many eye looks as options in my makeup wardrobe. I think this is definitely worth the money; the TikTok hype paid off. Head to Sephora to get Twin Liner in one of four color options. 

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